About Me

I am a designer who believes in crafting delightful experiences. My work sits in the sweet spot between aesthetics and purpose but I prefer clear logic to decoration. Our world has too much visual noise and lacks honest communication. I love the following quote by Bruno Monguzzi:

“If you keep shouting, you are not making communication any better. You are only removing talking and whispering from the system. I find our society a bit noisy, I would just like to contribute a little silence.”

There is something undeniably romantic about being able to see the world through a creative lens. I am grateful that I get to practice and look at the world from this perspective everyday. I have honed my craft and had the opportunity to work on a ton of great projects. For the last four and a half years, I worked at Media Nation, a marketing & advertising company, and co-founded a start-up in Myanmar: Myanmar Online Creations.

When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me listening to high quality (flac) music or experimenting with my health and performance. If I find something interesting, I tend to get obsessive and do a deep dive on the subject or activity.

That’s me in a nutshell.


I practice Holistic Design. Holistic Design is a design approach that focuses on the totality of the user experience. It is a process of looking at a problem and understanding how it will impact users in various contexts. Whether it’s a logo or a full UI/UX project the principles of Holistic Design are always top of mind.

No matter the project or campaign, my approach is always guided by the same process. Planning is what makes each idea unique and each project a success.


This is where it all begins: I start with a kick-off call or meeting to identify the needs and get a clear understanding of the project scope. The goal is to develop a concise action plan to get you where you want
to go.

Research & Ideas

This is the backbone of the creative process. Each project calls for different methodologies: immersion, journey mapping, personas, competitive analysis, etc. Sticky Notes are always involved.

Creative Development

This is where I convert research and ideas into prototypes. At this stage, I know which direction the project will go in.


Finally, this is the stage where the prototypes are turned into the final product. Once the concepts and mockups are approved, I work on the final execution and deliverables.